Our Company

Welcome to uQueen Hair, Be Crowned!
uQueen is an organic hair line that specializes in creating and  matching textures. We’ve found what works best with women from various backgrounds. While other hair companies lack longevity and authenticity, uQueen’s organic line will last beyond months and still remain gorgeous. We supply truly authentic Indian hair in popular textures such as Brazilian and Peruvian. We’ve carried out many experiments to ensure the premium nature of our brand. We are top notch.

uQueen Hair is a product of Danz Distributors, LLC. We ship worldwide and we currently have presence in the North America, the Caribbean and Africa. For more information, contact us.

uQueen vs. Competitors

Our hair is 100% Organic Hair. It has never been chemically processed or masked with silicon for a seemingly better appearance
Some competitors add products to their extensions which make the hair appear more vibrant or lush until it’s washed out. It also makes it harder to color
Our hair is from donors who are actually willing to donate their hair
In some countries people are forced, and even robbed of their hair. This increases as the demand for hair increases. We made it our business not to take any part in such practices.
uQueen provides our clientele with affordable products without sparing quality
Some competitors’ prices are unrealistic and quality proves to be mediocre
uQueen can last over a year with proper hair care
With some competitors, the quality and feel of the hair deteriorates after a few washes