Our Hair

What is Organic Hair?

Our Organic Hair is free of any chemicals or processes which could alter the natural pattern of our hair. It’s treated with organic protein to sustain its softness and moisture which allows it to last much longer than the typical virgin hair. Unlike virgin hair that is steamed to achieve various patterns, uQueen Hair is not. Our donors hair is either naturally Straight, Wavy, Wavier, or Curly.  We ensure that there is absolutely no synthetic or animal hair added to our wefts.Our hair has cuticles which run in the same direction from tip to end. This means that the hair will flow beautifully in such a way that there is no unnatural tangling article source.

see more Our raw hair is sourced from our partner facility in India. Indian hair is considered the best hair by far on the human hair market. We’ve opted to use only the best hair for authentic patterns and to create our textures. Our domestic location in the US ensures a hygienic finished product of superior quality – fit for a Queen.


this web page Think Hollywood! Considered a go-to texture because it has a wide range of styles, where one is bound to grab your attention. The choice varies from Straight, Wavy, to the bounciest of Curls.  This is very popular as it blends extremely well with both African relaxed hair and Caucasian hair because of its luster and feel.


Think sleek! Our Peruvian texture is silky which makes it so irresistible. It is lightweight and easy to style.  Our bi-racial/mixed queens love this texture, mainly because it blends perfectly with their natural hair source.


Think Lasting Glamour! Indian Hair is considered top grade as it last longer than any other hair type. It has proven to last for years in its natural state. As a result, Indian hair is the base for all our textures http://viatacloud.com/?map10.