Organic Hair

Organic Hair

Product Description

Straight, Waves and Coiled Waves

The Straight Texture is a natural, smooth, low luster hair with a lot of bounce. Like the Peruvian texture, it’s very versatile and a favorite amongst our customers. You can easily achieve waves or tight curls similar to our wavy and curly hair textures by using styling tools

The Wave Texture is light weight and naturally bouncy. Its signature ‘S’ pattern lasts, making it a top seller. This texture requires little effort to look absolutely stunning. This hair can be styled from bone straight to the tightest of curls easily. Once wet, this hair goes back to its natural wave cheap cialis.

generic levitra 20 mg - buy vardenafil online The Coiled Wave Texture is so soft and full of body. It’s extremely glamorous and bouncy – a true head turner. This is definitely a favorite for our mermaids.

3 packs will be needed for installations of 12 inches to 22 inches. 4 packs will be needed for installations of 24 inches to 30 inches. 5 or more packs will be needed for 32 inches to 40 inches. Please utilize of package deals canadian pharmacy king.

We provide our clients with only the best quality of organic virgin hair. Our hair will last years with proper care. All textures can be colored, permed, washed, and styled with heated and non-heated tools. Please take caution because coloring, perming, and styling (with heat) the wrong way can damage the hair which will reduce the longevity of your crown.


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